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March 15th, 2013

Cheap Installation of a Residential Wheelchair Ramp

Uncategorized, by Bill.

Ramps That Descend Are Too Steep For Unassisted Wheelchairs ...I need to have a wheelchair ramp built at my new house at some point in the near future, due to the fact that my son is paralyzed from the waste down, and has to make use of a wheelchair in order to get around. I was thinking about trying to buy a house that already had such a ramp, but it turns out that there are not many houses like that one the market. As such, I decided that I would just get on built. So, I need a contractor that can build wheelchair ramps and I am hoping that I will find one that is willing to do so for a reasonable price.

I am not exactly sure how much wheelchair ramps usually cost, but this one does not need to be very big. It just needs to be large enough in order to reach the top of the front porch. I think that is probably the best place to put the wheelchair ramp, but I could be talked into other locations as well.

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