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December 3rd, 2015

Combination Chiropractic and Supplement Therapy Relieves Pain

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You want to hear something funny? My grandmother was visiting from back East when she was poking fun of gambling. I told her that Mesa was about five hours from big old Vegas. She was talking about frantic gamblers while rapidly pretending to be operating an old slot machine with the arm you pull. Well, she pulled something in her neck, shoulder or back when she did that. She said she felt a click and then felt the ouch! I took her to see my chiropractor in Mesa AZ to see if he could work out the kinks she caused trying to be funny.

The chiropractor got a kick out of the story but could also see my grandmother was in some real pain. She had her head cocked slightly to one side. Sort of like how a dog looks at you if you make funny sounds. All she needed was floppy ears, and the look would have been complete. I’m sorry, but grandma’s humor rubs off on me. There did not seem to be anything seriously wrong. She did not dislocate anything.

The chiropractor in Mesa AZ did an adjustment on her neck and back after applying heat packs and doing a massage. I was in the room when grandma was getting her shoulder massaged. She would give out a couple of ouches when the tender spot was hit. It was a trigger point that was clamping the muscles down tight. The chiropractor actually recommended she get some blood work done. He asked her to go to an MD for that. It turns out grandma had low magnesium from a medication she was taking, and that was causing cramping of the muscles. The combination of the MD’s recommendation of magnesium supplements plus the chiropractic therapy fixed her right up.

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