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January 4th, 2014

Don’t Be Scared Just Because the Doctor Said It Was Herpes

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YORK DENTIST SAYS APRIL IS STD AWARENESS MONTH: BEWARE OF ORAL HERPES ...I was sitting with my mom in the hospital room after the surgery to replace her hip. She was still on oxygen, and a group of doctors came into the room. They were all chatting amongst themselves and pretty much ignoring us. One doctor lifted the oxygen mask and said how a sore on the corner of my mom’s mouth looked like Herpes simplex 1. All my mom heard was the word “herpes.” It scared her, but she did not say anything. I got out my phone and looked up herpes cure 2013 because I knew she was going to have questions.

I did not know anything about the herpes virus, but got an education in just a few minutes. It turns out that there are basically two types of herpes.

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