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April 4th, 2014

How Do You Handle Your Young Daughter Asking if There Will Be a Cure for Herpes?

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Oral Herpes – Symptoms, Pictures, Causes, TreatmentI remember my little girl crying her eyes out. Well, she was no longer little. She was in her fourth year of college. I knew something was wrong, but I could not get her to tell me what it was. I told her I did not care what it was, I just wanted to help. Both my wife and I wanted to help. I asked her to just text it to me if she could not bring herself to say it. She asked if we thought there would ever be a cure for herpes. I did not miss a beat and texted her back that it does not matter if there will be or will not be and that things will work out regardless.

One thing she knew about her old dad is that he will tell you the truth no matter how hard it is to take.

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