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November 4th, 2013

I Guess My Thyroid is Not Working Right

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Nancy Ruscio-Bell, MHA | LinkedInI had no idea what was going on and I probably should have gone to see a doctor weeks ago, but it was just really strange and I was not sure what to tell them. I looked at my reflection in the mirror one day and my face was a bit puffy, which was the final straw. I went to the local family practice place and they were not really a lot of help. Then I went to the hospital where they ran a bunch of tests on me and they sent me to a walnut creek thyroid specialist. I did not even know where my thyroid gland was to be totally honest about it. I would have guessed that it was lower down, closer to my belly button if you had asked me. Instead it is right below my throat and I guess sort of in between my upper lungs. My problem is that it is not producing hormones at the proper level, or that I have hyperthyroidism. That messed up my metabolism and I gained almost 10 lbs because the processes in my body were not working at full speed.

The doctor was testing my memory too and giving me tests that made me wonder if he thought I was some sort of mental midget or something, but the fact is that not having enough of these hormones will cause your brain functions to go bad. That is probably a bad way of putting it, it just impairs your memory and makes you think slower I suppose is the right way of putting it. I never noticed any of that sort of thing, but I was tired all of the time and I kept getting really cold for no reason at all. It was really quite strange and rather scary.

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