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March 5th, 2015

My Back Feels Much Better

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The first time I went to a chiropractor in Alexandria, it was because of a work injury. I work in a distribution center, and we often have to lift up to 90 pounds of materials. Generally, the guys take the heavier loads, but one day I had to lift it myself. Normally, I can handle 90 pounds with some effort, but something shifted with this particular load and I felt my back give out on me. It wasn’t severe enough to go to the hospital, but I knew that I was going to see a chiropractor because I needed to be in good physical condition if I wanted to keep my job.

Since it was not my fault that the load shifted, the company sent me to the chiropractor that they use for work injuries. I had to go through some routine testing, and thankfully the issue with my back was very minor even though it was very painful at the time. The chiropractor recommended that I be on light duty for at least four weeks, and I had to go get adjustments three times a week during this time.

She wanted to make sure my back was in perfect condition before she relieved me of my light duty status, and I was very thankful for that. I knew that returning to work before it was healed could make it not heal properly at all. I was really enjoying the adjustments too, which is why I continue them to this day even though my back has recovered from that particular injury. I just noticed that I felt different, in a good way, after the adjustments were done, and I was not ready to lose that. I don’t go as often since I am healthy again, but I still go at least twice a month when possible.

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