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February 17th, 2016

There’s Hope in Being Rid of Back Pain

Uncategorized, by Bill.

Back pain is the absolute worst. When I was younger I would have totally discounted the notion of going through pain or that my actions would have future consequences up to and including pain in my back. Now that I’m older it’s really no surprise that some of the things that I’ve done have been the cause of the pain that I had been experiencing for the past year or so. I thought it a product of getting older rather than something more severe and damaging. It was my Phoenix chiropractor who showed me that the subtly increasing levels of pain had been keeping me from being able to be more active which was causing the pain exacerbate over the months until I reached a point of inactivity that I had never before experienced. It was such a gradual thing that I accepted it as the ‘state of things’, as if being 31 was somehow the end of the line.

Pain is like that; especially back pain. It sinks into you gradually spreading until even the most regular of routines and acitivites can leave you gasping for breath as the pain radiates through you. Trying to mask it with painkillers is certainly not an answer but the only one that I felt to be an option to me. With help from my doctor and my chiropractor we were able to establish a therapeutic routine that has so far scale the pain down to the point where I can finally return to biking and rollerblading. I can’t believe that I had allowed the pain to control me on such a level. If you’re feeling any sort of back pain, go see a chiropractor right now. It’s not the end of the world or the end of your life and there is hope yet.

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